Does segments out of order warning really cause any harm?

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    Nancy McDaniel

    I have heard from a clovertech support person that getting Warning – segment out of order can lead to panics.  I wanted to find out if others had heard the same thing.  Should we be concerned that we have these in our logfiles and do they cause issues other than taking up space in the logfiles?


    Nancy Hellyer

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      Jim Kosloskey


      I have always worked to remove those when I detect them during testing.

      I also am sensitive to making sure they do not occur in production.

      I think it is just prudent practice to keep things as clean as possible.

      I am not sure about Cloverleaf(R) panics as a result since I try not to let the situation occur in the first place.

      These things typically occur when the inbound and outbound message defnitions are not compatible and BULJkOPY orPATHCOPY are used in the Xlates.

      Be aware this can also happen when GRM functions are mal-used in a Tcl proc – but less likely.

      My recommendation? Chase those critters down and eliminate them. You will be glad you did in the ong run.


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      Charlie Bursell

      To me, taking up space in your log file is reason enough to fix the problem.  As Jim said it is a simple matter of properly defining a variant.  Not very professional looking to leave it like that.

      FWIW, as of Cloverleaf 5.6 those types of warnings can be elevated to errors by selecting a check box in the route.

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      Gary Atkinson

      We had a big problem with those out of order warning messages before.  The reason it was a big problem was, becuase the warning message said the OBX segments were out of order on an MDM message.  This accounted for somtimes 100 warn messages per hl7 message.  Since the log file was getting written so often, the outbound processing slow down to 1 message a minute.  The problem was resolved in the variant, someone had made some segment required (ops  😳 ), when it should have been optional.

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