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    Cesar Ruiz

    How many of you have wished you could work on the engine (testing, debugging, writing tcl ) stand alone from your laptop  or home PC.

    I would be really nice if healthvision could offer a very limited (for developing purposes only) engine that we could test our code with attaching to a server.

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      What I do is remote desktop to my pc at work, and I create a dev site on our test server.

      -- Max Drown (Infor)

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      Tim Jipson

      Remote desktop requires internet. I’m new to cloverleaf and will miss being able to develope in a disconnected environment.

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      James Cobane

      You can develop/configure if you install both the host & client on your workstation, but you are unable to run the engine(s) and testing tools without a license.  You can request a temporary license from Support, but alas, it is temporary.  It would be nice to have it licensed at a low-cost to perform off-line development/testing.  I think the concern is that someone would use the allocated “development” license to actually be running production interfaces.  It seems that this concern could be addressed contractually, and that HealthVision could allow  “development/testing” licenses at a reasonable cost.  I know that back some time ago, the organization I was at had requested this type of license and it was pretty expensive (over $12K per workstation, as I recall).  But perhaps, this licensing option is available at a lower-cost now.

      Jim Cobane

      Henry Ford Health

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