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    Deanna Norman

    Hi, I deleted a thread, but it still gets referenced in the output. How can I remove this completely? Below is my output.

    [dbi :log :ERR /0:          thread2:02/05/2008 12:56:26] Unable to get MSI index on msg [0.0.15] for thread ‘test_file_in’

    [dbi :log :ERR /0:          thread2:02/05/2008 12:56:26] Unable to extract message meta-data

    thread2 still exists, but test_file_in should be gone. It used to contain a route to thread2 before.


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      James Cobane


      Were there still messages in the recovery database from that thread when you deleted it?  Did you stop/start the process of that thread after deleting it?

      Jim Cobane

      Henry Ford Health

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      Deanna Norman

      There could have been messages, but not sure. I did stop and restart the process.

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      Tom Rioux

      I’m with James on this one.  Because the error references an MID ([0.0.15]), it would lead me to believe that there were still messages in the recovery database when you deleted the thread.  I’d check there first and see if that solves your problem.

      Keep us posted.

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      Deanna Norman

      Yes you were right, there were messages stuck. Now that goes to my main problem again I guess. Why would messages get stuck in the recovery DB?

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      Deanna Norman

      This is the error:

      [pdl :PDL :ERR /0:       thread1:02/05/2008 15:07:43] read returned error 0 (Success)

      [pdl :PDL :ERR /0:       thread1:02/05/2008 15:07:43] PDL signaled exception: code 1, msg device error (remote side probably shut down)

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      Tom Rioux

      It sounds like the one of the threads may have been in an opening state and for some reason could not connect the application.   If it was thread1 like the error indicates, (I believe you indicated this was an inbound thread), then that shouldn’t have caused the messages to be stuck in the database.  

      Did you let the messages drain out of the rdb before you deleted the thread?

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      Deanna Norman

      Yeah that error is when the external connection closes I think, which should be fine. However in the status it is showing it failed everytime a message goes to thread2 then the message gets stuck in the rdb. There are no other errors in the logs or output that I can see. Been pretty frustrating trying to figure this out since it works perfect in our dev environment.

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      James Cobane


      I would remove any messages in the recovery DB associated with that thread and then bounce the process.  It is possible that those messages in the recovery database are/were in a state post 1 but not post-xlate (state 7).  Before deleting them out of the recovery DB, I would check what state those messages are in, and that may clue you as to why they are still in the recovery DB and you’re getting the error.

      Jim Cobane

      Henry Ford Health

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      Deanna Norman

      Yeah I just checked and they message is getting stuck in State 10. See msg below:

      msg: 0x0xb7c3d03c

         msgType           : DATA

         msgClass          : ENGINE

         msgState          : OB pre-SMS (10)

         msgPriority       : 5120

         msgRecoveryDbState: 3

         msgFlags          : 0x8002

         msgMid            : [0.0.1484]

         msgSrcMid         : [0.0.1479]

         msgSrcMidGroup    : midNULL

         msgOrigSrcThread  : tcp_in

         msgOrigDestThread : thread2

         msgSrcThread      : thread1

         msgDestThread     : thread2

         msgXlateThread    :

         msgSkipXlate      : 0

         msgSepChars       :

         msgNumRetries     : 0

         msgGroupId        : 0

         msgDriverControl  :

         msgRecordFormat   :

         msgRoutes         :

         msgUserData       :

         msgStaticIsDirty  : 0

         msgVariableIsDirty: 0

         msgTimeStartIb    : 1202243362.448

         msgTimeStartOb    : 1202243362.594

         msgTimeCurQueStart: 1202243362.595

         msgTimeTotalQue   : 0.002

         msgTimeRecovery   : 1202243362.595

         msgEoConfig       : 0x(nil)

         msgData (BO)      : 0x0xb7c3d120

         message           : ‘MSH|^

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      Michael Hertel

      I know this may sound strange, but also check the NetConfig on the inbound thread to see if there is a route defined to the deleted thread.

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      garry r fisher


      If you done everything else and you still see the error then the thread may also be stored in MSI. Try doing a hcimsiutil -dt and see if it appears in the list shown. If it does try hcimsiutil -R to reset/clear the region and check again.



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      Deanna Norman

      I think I’ve fixed this issue now with all your help. Thanks.. However I have another post.

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