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    Gary Atkinson


    We are going to be moving our data center soon.  Does anyone have any lessons learned as far as moving the cloverleaf server and data?  We are on AIX 5.3, CL 5.5 rev 1, data is on a SAN and HACMP is in use.



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      Ron Archambault

      I don

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      Richard Hart

      Hi Gary.

      We do what Ron does and have scripts for this.

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      Tim Pancost

      Hey, Gary,

      I guess a lot would depend on the scope of your move.  Are you physically moving the machines, or is there new hardware in the new data center?  Will the machines be getting new DNS names/IP addresses?

      If it’s a physical move, with no name/address change, then it should be as simple as shutting down the current sites(as noted above by Ron and Richard) and bringing them back up after the move.

      If there’s new hardware involved, well, that would be a bit lengthier e-mail.  🙂


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      Gary Atkinson

      The machines are physically moving.  The DNS names will stay the same, but new IP’s will be generated.  Also, new disks on the SAN.

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      Tim Pancost

      Well, unless you’ve been a super-good dooby and all your inbound interfaces are using the DNS name of the engine, you have a coordination exercise to go through to either get those systems to switch to using DNS name before the move, or to switch the IP address during the move.

      We went through a similar process here about a month ago when we moved two of our machines to new hardware, keeping the DNS names, but getting new IP addresses.  We had about 100 threads that “needed attention”, that is, either we controlled the sending side and had to either change it to DNS or be ready to change the IP address, or we had to contact the vendor to schedule their resources to be available off-hours to change the IP address they’re sending to.

      You also have to be cognizant of any VPN-type connections, either inbound or outbound, as there will probably be changes needed in one or both firewalls to allow traffic to/from the new IP address.

      And any file-based interfaces you might have where another system comes and picks up files of your machine will need to be analyzed as well.

      For our 100-thread effort, it required about six weeks of fairly intense work by two of us to line up all the necessary resources to be on a bridgeline on the night of the move.



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