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    Kathy Riggle

    I have a dietary system who wants to receive allergies from the HIS. They want food allergies, of course, but they also want some drug allergies. They also want their own codes, not the HIS codes.

    I have a table in the Xlate to convert the codes.

    These are A60 messages, and the IAM segment can repeat. Is there a way to build a Tcl in the route that would iterate through all of the allergy segments and kill the message if there are no allergies in the message in which the dietary system is interested?

    As it is, if a message comes thru that has no diet related allergies, it’s coming out of the Xlate either with a blank IAM segment, or none (depending whether I make it required on the outbound segment.) The dietary vendor doesn’t want the message at all, if there are no appropriate allergies.

    Thanks, Kathy

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      Chris Williams

      One way you could handle this in the xlate:

      1. Before the iterate where you do your table lookups, create a temp variable and initialize it to 0.

      2. Each time you get a hit from the table, set the variable to 1.

      3. When you’re done with all of the table lookups, if the variable is still 0, suppress the message.

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      John Mercogliano

      If you set the IAM segment as not required you can then use string first commnad in an outbound tps to see if the IAM segment exists in the message.  If it does send it on otherwise kill it.

      John Mercogliano
      Sentara Healthcare
      Hampton Roads, VA

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      Paul Johnston

      Hi Kathy ,

      We may also be sending A60 messages to our dietary system.

      I curious to know what Dietary system you are using and what HIS system you are sending the A60 messages from .  ?

      And What kind of codes are you converting in your Table. ?

      Thanks for your attention.

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