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    Darren Tomlinson

    Our organization is looking into creating our own monitor for our data operators.  We want to be able (at a minimum) to be able to see if threads are up or down.  On top of that, it would be nice to add the ability to bounce threads.  We most likely would design this as a Windows app in, but could potentially do a web application also.  Any help getting us pointed in the right direction would be much appreciated.

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      Mark Thompson


      You didn’t mention many details.  Looks like you could get everything you’ve asked for by having your VB app kick off C:YOUR_ROOTclguibinunsupportedhcinetmonitor.exe

      As you can tell from the pathname, the code is unsupported, but it may save you lots of development work.

      - Mark Thompson

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      Darren Tomlinson

      for further clarification, we are looking to create this for a few reasons…

      1) having the ability to monitor multiple sites at once

      2) not needing to have the Cloverleaf software installed on Ops PCs

      3) not “locking” the “Network Monitor” with multiple sessions

      we just need to know what files need to be looked at to see thread statuses, queue depths, etc…

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      Jonathan Hamilton

      You might like these topics:

      There is tons of information available using MSI and netcfg api.  From a UNIX server all of this information is very easy to access from within a Tcl cgi script.  The negative is you are on your own to figure it out since some of the tools available are not (or no longer) supported.  If you don’t know them yet learn the msi commands and review $HCIROOT/tcl/lib/cloverleaf/nci.tlib.  If you are creative you can also interact directly with some of the daemons.

      If you have specific questions or would like to see what’s possible you can email me.

      Jonathan Hamilton

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