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    John Hamilton

    I’m running AIX with cloverleaf 5.5 Rev1.

    I have never seen this before I’m thinking someone else has and can offer assistance.

    I have a connection setup as a server from imagecast.

    We start the connections all is good.  About 7:30 at night they all go home.

    When the morning roles around they say there system can’t start the connection and send data.  I look at our side it is up.

    I do a netstat on the UNIX box I see an established connection from their box on the server port.  

    I do a netstat (They are a windows box) the connation is not there.

    Any ideas or thoughts. I’m going to change the tcp-idle on their box I think that might be it. But I have not seen this kind of issue without a firewall involved.

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      I saw something similar once with a DairyLand interface. The client app would timeout w/o closing the connection. One of the two sides had to be bounced in order to re-establish connectivity. I suppose you could auto-bounce the interface after a certain period of inactivity or at a specific time each day.

      -- Max Drown (Infor)

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      Kevin Kinnell

      We’ve seen this problem too; usually we can either talk to the net guys and keep the routers from holding open a connection that’s dead, or to the other side of the interface and ask them to make sure they sign off when they drop a connection.

      The temporary fix is always what Max said: bounce one side or the other.

      I just wish it showed up reliably in testing; even though it’s infrequent to begin with.  It’s a pain to find out after it goes into production.

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