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    John Harvey


    I have an interface I’m testing, it’s a Meditech ADT to another vendor.  The thread in question is the outbound from QDX to the vendor PHG.  We are testing connection issues and I’m seeing a problem with Quovadx.  When the vendor PHG reboots or shuts down their system, the thread from Quovadx does not drop.  It stays in a status of ‘up’.  Shouldn’t this status change?  The thread doesn’t appear to notice that its connection was just terminated.  When the vendor restarts their end, our side becomes stuck because the connection status never changed and I now have a false reading.

    Has anyone else experienced this before?

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      Jim Kosloskey


      Have you checked the log?

      You should see indication that the receiving system shut down.

      If you do not then, either the receiving system is not sending a TCP/IP notification it is shut down, or the notification being sent is not getting to Cloverleaf(R).

      Hopefully the receiving system has a log they can review to assure they are sending the appropriate TCP/IP communicaitons to indicate they are shutting down.

      If the receiving system does not have a log then someone will probably need to do an iptrace to see what the packet exchange is during shut down. It is probably best to do that trace from both ends and compare notes.

      My guess is that the receiving system is not shutting down properly.

      Is the receiving system a Windows based system?

      Jim Kosloskey


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      Nate Kruse

      I would think that your outbound thread should go to opening.  That’s what ours tend to do when a vendor’s system isn’t in its normal state.

      What protocol is your thread set to?

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      John Harvey

      it turns out the person testing on the vendor side just rebooted without turning off the services first.  Soon as he shut down the services, Quovadx did what it was supposed to and came back on clean when the services were restarted…thanks guys!

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