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    Yasir Hamza


    Could anyone please tell me how we can re-eastablish a connection without restarting the thread (or the process)?

    We are on CL 5.5MB and are connecting b/w Oracle Server (Source) and MS SQL server (Destination).

    Recently, the network connection b/w the two sites (servers located in two different sites) gets disconnected for few minutes. The probem is that this happens at around 4:00 AM and the thread throws “[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Communication link failure” error for all the messages till it is restarted. It does not reconnect (by itself) once the netwrok connection is re-eastablished.

    Does anyone know a way to re-eastablish the connection once the n/w connection is re-eastablished?


    Yasir Hamza

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      Sundeep Kumar

      I am assuming theses are TCP/IP pdl threads. If so is the problem on a client thread or a server thread ? If it is a client then it will always try to reconnect if a connection is bad. When it does try to reconnect the SQL server at the other end must respond to that reconnection request. If it does not the problem is in the SQL server that it does not respond to a recoonect request. If it is a server thread, then you should turn on multi-server mode and make sure you have DRIVERCTL on. Also your reply recovery_33 proc has to be updated to extract the DRIVERCTL field from the message and send it over in the reply. Please post if it is a server and I can send you the reply proc you need. Also If you are the client and dont really need persistant connections look at the solution offered in :

      You can set up a non-persistant connection that closes after an ack if nothing else works.

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      Yasir Hamza


      In fact they are upoc threads. I’m using a read tps for the source and a write tps for the destination.

      I can see that there isn’t much of an option in the CL settings of upoc for this (reconnecting), right?

      Is there a sample tcl script that I can use for this?

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