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    Alise Blankenship

    Hello All,

    I need to take messages coming in from one server, route them to multiple threads for translation, then send all the outbound transated messages to another thread pointed to a single server. How should I do that? I’m having trouble figuring out how to set the thread protocol for the threads doing the translations since they are not getting the messages from a server or a file but from another thread and then routing them out to different thread.

    Is this even possible? If not, how can I do this? I am attaching a drawing of what I’m trying to do.

    Thank you in advance, for any assistance you may be able to provide.

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      Jim Kosloskey


      How are you?

      I probably don’t clearly understand the issue but why not just have (let’s assume message ORU^R01:

      IB Thread

         (Routing list for ORU^R01)


          – Route via Xlate 1 –> Destination OB thread


          – Route via Xlate 2 –> Destination OB thread


          – Route via Xlate 3 –> Destination OB thread

      So one inbound thread with 3 route details for each message type to one destination thread.

      I am not sure why you need any intermediate threads.

      Like I say, I must be missing something.


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      Alise Blankenship

      Hi Jim,

      I did try that and had some trouble with it. It would only complete one of the translates. Not all of them. Also, there is some tcl on the inbound tab of the inbound thread that I tried to move without success. I probably need to re-write the tcl proc and put it in the Xlates.

      I have not had a lot of experience with this situation. I have a server that has multiple sites feeding directly into it. Our company has decided not to pay the vendor of that system to do the translations since we have Cloverleaf. So I will be doing the transactions both out of the thread for that server and back into it for the outbound results of these clients.

      They all have different needs for the format of the trasactions coming out of the thread but the transactions are all going to the same destination after they are translated by Cloverleaf. I know for a fact that this inbound thread will be getting more clients feeding it and the translations are going to get more and more complicated.

      I will try your suggestion again. It may be that I just didn’t spend enough time exploring that option. If I still have problems, I think I have figure out how to handle them by putting these translations in a site of their own. If I have addtional problems, I will let you know.

      Thank you, Jim.

      It was great hearing from you.


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