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    Jerry Tilsley

    I have the need to combine messages going to an outboud thread into a single file so the receiving system can receive one file via FTP.  We are currently using an TPS xlate when sending from the Inbound thread to the Outbound thread and need to preserve this without adding to much overhead to the setup.  What is the best way to “Hold” the messages and release them to the Outbound thread in a single file?

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      James Cobane


      Is the file to be written locally and picked up by the receiving system, or are you actually performing the ftp to the receiving system?  If the receiving system is picking up the file, you should just be able to write to the desired file (either with the protocol set to file, or fileset-local), and just make sure the ‘Append’ option is checked.  If you are ftp’ing the file to the receiving system, then you could configure a set of threads to write to a local file, then another set that uses advanced scheduling to periodically pick up the file (fileset-local protocol) and send to an outbound fileset-ftp thread that is sending to the remote system.  i.e.

      inbound1 —> outbound1                    inbound2 —> outbound2

                        (fileset-local or file)      (fileset-local)      (fileset-ftp)

                                                           w/Adv Sched

      where the inbound2 thread is configured to read the file written by outbound1.

      Hope this makes sense.

      Jim Cobane

      Henry Ford Health

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