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    Sam Craig

    For grins and giggles, I searched the 5.5 manuals for recommended system maintenance.

    One thing I found was a recommendation to reboot the Host server once a week or every two weeks. 😯

    Does anyone actually do a reboot either once a week or every two weeks?

    To me, that seems a little excessive and an unrealistic recommendation.

    My organization would “have my head” if we had to reboot the server that often for maintenance.

    How often does anyone else reboot the Host server?

    Any thoughts on this would be appreciated……



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      Levy Lazarre


      I think that they probably mean to restart (not reboot) the host server. It only takes a few seconds to do from the command line.

      hciss -k h  (kill the host server)

      hciss -s h (start the host server)

      Note that this doesn’t affect transaction processing. The engine continues to run and process messages. This only affects the people who are using the Cloverleaf GUI. They will have to close and restart the GUI.

      I end up doing this every 2 -3 weeks because the GUI becomes sluggish and I want a faster response time.

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      Sam Craig

      Here is the paragraph from Cloverleaf Integration Services User Guide, Volume 2 / Version 5.5 / page 433…….

      Booting Your Machine

      Part of maintenance is booting the Cloverleaf

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      James Cobane

      Perhaps if you’re running Windows?  Even so, it would seem a bit excessive, and a pretty unrealistic expectation.  I don’t believe anyone would be re-booting that frequently unless it’s a very small shop.  From an AIX perspective, we’ve only re-booted due to scheduled maintenance such as OS patches, or a Cloverleaf upgrade (to test failover).  Which is perhaps once a year.

      Jim Cobane

      Henry Ford Health

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      Levy Lazarre

      Here, we are running on Unix HP-UX and we only reboot if hardware maintenance requires it. Our Cloverleaf server has been up for 609 days without any reboot. We don’t have any problem. There is no way we could ask for down time even once a month!

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      Chris Williams

      That’s got to refer to Windows. They’d laugh me out of the department and take away my Geek license if I wanted the Unix boxes rebooted for something not related to hardware.

      On the other hand, we bounce hciss weekly to keep the GIU from locking up.


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