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    There is some weirdness with using the Cloverleaf client with dual monitors especially when going from local display with dual monitors to a remote desktop session with a single monitor. There are times when menus will open up on the right edge of the left screen. And there are times when the dialog boxes (ex. thread properties) will pop up on the other monitor.

    On the days I work remotely, I use a 17″ (laptop) or 22″ (desktop) widescreen monitor to connect to my remote desktop which uses two 21″ flat panels. I have to make sure I move all of the Cloverleaf windows over to the left monitor and check to make sure that the dialog windows are opening in the left monitor before connecting with remote desktop.

    Ideally, the Cloverleaf monitor would be more aware of the monitor environment and adjust itself on the fly. Like, for example, it could always pop up the dialog windows on top of the main window instead of “remembering” where it was last opened.

    I think you’ll find that more and more people are working remotely and with all sorts of different display environments. Just some ideas.

    -- Max Drown (Infor)

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      Russ Ross

      I often work remotely and have 2 large monitors (one 24″ and one 21″) as well and experience what you are describing with all applications not just Cloverleaf.

      Knowing this I reset my display to one monitor at the end of every on-site work day.

      Unfortuantley, remote desktop will not let me reset my display settings remotely to use one monitor instead of 2 on the days I forget to set it before leaving the office.

      When I get stuck in that situation some applications will be freindly enough to allow me to right click on them in the windows menu bar and choose move and then guess at how to move it while holding down the left mouse button to try and drag it onto the fist monitor.

      However, this doesn’t always work and I have to get upset a bit for forgetting to prepare for my remote access.

      What I’ve wondered is will the 2 monitors at work behave remotely if I had 2 monitors at home.

      Currently I only have one big monitor at home.

      Russ Ross

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      Russ Ross

      I got to thinking that the rest of the workld must be bothered by this so I googled around a bit and sure enough many are complaining about this.

      I’m not in a hurry to use or purchase a third party multiple monitor utility to handle this so I kept looking until I ran across the command mstsc.exe which shows some promise.

      Duh now I see the remote desktop icon calls mstsc.exe and maybe all I have to do is provide it some args to help it with multiple monitors.

      I will try it out when I get home over the weekend and see how it goes.

      Here is the googled example I found that I will use as a guide for my test

      Example:(Connects to pc called MYMACHINE which has dual monitors at 1024×768)

      mstsc.exe /v:MYMACHINE /w:2048 /h:768

      In my case I have

      monitor1 (24″) = 1920 wide and 1080 high

      monitor2 (21″) = 1280 wide and 1024 high

      so here is what I’m going to be trying this weekend

      Russ Ross

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    Chris Williams

    Hey guys,

    I have two on my desk at work but just my notebook at home. I had problems connecting from home because the work machine would reconfigure its desktop to match the aspect ratio of the notebook and then leave it there for me to clean up the next morning.

    Continuted to have difficulty working that way until I stopped using Remote Desktop and switched to VNC (the free version). Haven’t had any problems since. In my case, it lets me scroll up and down and across both office monitors from home without modifying my work machine’s settings. Also the throughput is much better with VNC.

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    Russ Ross

    Good news!

    I was able to use this command to see both my big monitors on my one monitor at home.

    mstsc.exe /v:MyStaticIP /w:3200 /h:1080

    I do have to use the scroll bar but it will allow me to get around accessing the second monitor when I forget to set my display to only use one monitor.

    Russ Ross

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