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    Sergey Sevastyanov

    Hi all,

    We run Cloverleaf 5.4 on Windows 2000 servers and are ready to start upgrading. We were planning to upgrade to 5.6 on Win 2003 (we already bought the servers). I wonder if we should consider upgrading straight to 5.7 instead?

    Anyone has any experience running CL 5.7 on Win 2003? Any known issues, advises?

    I will appreciate all responses


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      Cesar Ruiz

      you should really take a look at 5.7.  it has a lot new features, I have been testing for a couple week and we are very happy with it.  

      The improvement to raima alone worth the try.

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      Susan Ferraz

      I’m considering upgrading to 5.7 from 5.4.1. I was looking at the 5.7 release notes and the following known bug will be an issue for us:

      7.2.14           Lock Manager Issue on Windows 2003 Server and Windows 2008 Server with Remote Desktop

      Since the only option we have is to connect to the cloverleaf server with Remote Desktop.

      Should I upgrade to 5.6 instead?

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      Brent Fenderson

      We are using CL 5.7 with Windows servers and have no issue running hcilmclear with remote desktop. Just be aware of a couple of things.

      in remote desktop use remote host for your connection and set the host to local host.

      after that just make sure you rum hcilmclear through remote command. works great.

      We went from 5.3 to 5.7

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      Rick Pritchett

      We have been told that the first Rev will be released in July.  We have an issue where cloverleaf tries to store our procs as windows files on our AIX box when trying to use the GUI icons to save the proc.  Lets just say AIX does not like this idea.

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      Susan Ferraz

      Brent and Rickey,

      Thanks for your feedback. We decided to upgrade to 5.7.

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