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    Bob Richardson


    We are an AIX5.2 shop running both CIS5.3 Rev3 and CIS5.4.1 Rev2 and plan to migrate to CIS5.6 on AIX5.3.  In reviewing the online documentation (link in our install CD) about a new feature for “auto resend” for a thread (key value pair OBMSGID), a couple of questions pop up for us.

    With “resend OB message” checked in the Timeout Handling configuration (was Reply Generation) the documentation implies that the engine will clean out this new State 16 message in memory and recovery if a reply is received and the await replies flag has been turned off by the engine.

    (1) Question: Do we need to kill this State 16 message if we insert a TPS IB Reply proc (such as we have now to kill ob_save and the reply if we don’t route it).  Assuming that the handle will not be automatically removed by the engine here due to the presence of a proc.

    (2) Question: If we retain our current recovery_33 implementations does the engine generate a State 16 anyway?  Any gotchas here?  The documentation states “auto removed” – looking for confirmation.

    With our newer Cloverleaf staff this feature will prove to be productive as the mystery of reply/resend would not have to be fully understood for a novice Cloverleaf person to implement rudimentary reply/resend.

    Your comments would be most welcomed before we launch into full blown testing here.

    Thanks in advance!

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      Mark Thompson

      I second Bob’s comments about how easy it is to configure auto-resend compared to the recover_33 procs.  Does anyone have an example validate proc (like validate_hl7_reply or tpsHL7ValidateIBReply.tcl) that uses the new OBMSGID feature?

      - Mark Thompson

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