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    Tom Rioux

    Does anyone out there actually have this in production?  If so, how is it working for you?


    Tom Rioux

    Baylor Health Care System

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      Dirk Engels

      We have two of our customers running Cloverleaf 5.6 on Windows 2003 SP2 and have no problems so far.

      One of them is using 5.6 since more then 6 weeks.

      Unfortunaly we do not have one running one unix. Has anyone else done this?


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      Tom Rioux

      We have 2 servers running on UNIX.  I’d love to find out if anyone has this in production on UNIX.  We are looking to upgrade to 5.6 and have a very aggressive timeline in doing so.

      Thanks….Tom Rioux

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      Greg Eriksen


      Hope I’m not stating the obvious, but have you looked through this thread?

      It has the same topic title as the new one you created.

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      Tom Rioux

      Yes, I have been following that thread and it is very informative.  However, and maybe I’m overlooking it, but I can’t seem to find anywhere in there where someone says they are ACTUALLY in production with this.  So far, the only 5.6 sites in production that I’ve heard about are Windows sites.  We want to go live with 5.6 on AIX.   We have a very aggressive timeline for doing this and were hoping not to be the first AIX site in production.   😀 Some of the issues (i.e recover procs and performance degradation) I don’t think will be an issue at our site.  A lot of our procs are custom built and our 5.6 will be on brand new server.

      If anyone ACTUALLY IS on 5.6, then I would love to hear how they are doing in production.

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      Russ Ross


      I’m getting close.

      I’ve installed QDX 5.6 on a new AIX 5.3 test LPAR last week.

      Soon I will be proceeding to do hcilicset and start migrating our master site and some test sites.

      Russ Ross

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      James Cobane


      We’ve been running baseline validation with 5.6 (running production files through and comparing output) in our DEV environment and have found no issues; so far, so good.

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      Mary Kobis

      Hi Tom,

      Yes, we are live on CL5.6 AIX 5.2 since 2/26. The application is working great. I love that we can now use the SMAT tool with the current message log. And the disable feature in the Xlate is another great tool. Once we put recover_56 in place, that doused the multiple state 14 messages. We did run into an issue with our hostserver that seems specific to our server. We have been working with R&D and tech support to resolve.

      Tables now are created with .tbl extensions. Check your documentation for more information.

      Hope this helps, Mary.

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      Bob Richardson


      Mary, can you supply us with more details about your hostserver problems? We have planned to migrate to Cloverleaf 5.6 this Summer from our current 5.3 platform on AIX5.2 (eventually to AIX5.3).

      We have checked all the system requirements per the documentation and set/verified the settings.

      Your feedback would be most helpful.


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      Kevan Riley

      We are live on 5.6 with three sites (CL sites, not locations), and are planing to move two more from 5.3 to 5.6 this week.  We tested these site on 5.6 first by running previous production data through and comparing the outputs (new 5.6 vs the original output via the SMAT files).

      We are running AIX 5.2.

      We have run into two issues thus far.  One is an interface with a lot of Tcl code in it that reads in and move files around.  Initially this process panicked a few times.  I was not able to determine why.  I reworked the file and directory permissions and it has worked fine since.

      the other anomaly was a seizure in the monitor daemon for one site.  Had to take the site down (stopped all processes and the site daemons) and restart.  No reoccurences.  the processes all stopped nicely, they did not act like they were having a problem other than data was not flowing,  with the monitor daemon hung it was hard to tell what was going on.  I am not overly concerned about this unless it happens frequently.  we have seen sites get “locked up” before in 5.3.

      We’ve now been running over a week with no issues at all.  Message volume is well over 1 million in the last two weeks.

      Kevan Riley

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