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    John Zalesak

    We are currently running Cloverleaf on a Unix Box running HP-UX.

    We are considering moving to a Linux Box. Does anyone have any experience running version 5.4.1 on a Linux box??

    Any comments on running any version on Linux is also appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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      John, we run 5.6 on RedHat.

      -- Max Drown (Infor)

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      John Zalesak

      Have you always been on Linux or did you change over from something else?  If it was a change, from what and were there any issues??

      Have you run any other version in Linux?

      Any special problems or unique items we should be concerned about?

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      We recently moved from AIX to RedHat. The transition was very smooth, but we did extensive testing first and ran our test environment on RedHat for several months before cutting over our production environment.

      -- Max Drown (Infor)

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      John Zalesak

      Max – Thanks for you comments.

      Anyone else have any Linux Experiences to Share???

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      Shaun Beckman

      Last year we made the jump from 3.8.1 running on Windows 2000 to 5.5 on RedHat.

      We also did extensive testing and ran our test environment on RedHat prior to the cut over to production. We encontered no issues.

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      Terry Kellum

      We’ve been running on RedHat since 2003.  We were on Windows and were tired of rebooting our box to clear database issues.  Since running RedHat we have had minimal downtime.

      The nice thing about the engine on Linux is that it just runs.  We are very satisfied with this choice of OS.

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      Tim Jipson

      We have 5.6 on Redhat and it runs great. We started on the Windows platform but that was so unstable it never went to prod.

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      Bob Moriarty

      I’ve been very happy with 5.3.2 running on RedHat 3.0 since 2005.

      Ran 3.8.1 on Tru64 prior to then. Also very stable.

      Planning to go to 5.6.2 on RedHat 4.0 in a month or two.

      Bob Moriarty

      Mayo Clinic – Jacksonville

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      Mike Ellert

      Hi John.

      We moved from HP-UX to Red Hat 4 about 14 months ago.  We’re currently running CL 5.5.

      I couldn’t be happier – the transition was very smooth.  I had only one problem – using named ports did not work so I had to specify the ports by number.

      Performance is incredible.  Performing an identical batch of translations was at least 10 times faster on Linux than on HP-UX and the HP-UX server was no slouch.

      It has been and continues to be as stable as it was on HP-UX which is to say it runs – forever.  To the point of boredom!

      My only concern is running on an Intel class platform vs the heavy iron.  I fully expect it to fail some day.  But, we’ll fail over to the T&D server and replace it – in fact, the Intel servers are so cheap relative to the HP-UX class that, we’ll probably replace the servers before they die for us.

      Hope this helps

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      John Zalesak

      Thanks Everyone for your comments.  They help a bunch !  😀

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