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    Barb Dozier

    Are there any hidden gotchas to changing the password for the hci userid?

    Thanks, Barb

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      John Hamilton

      We are running AIX and have it changed regulary and have found no problems with that to date.

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      Russ Ross

      We change ours from time to time but there was a time when I could not do that.

      When I first came to MD Anderson a horrible situation existed.

      All the ftp batch jobs used the hci user ID so I had to go through them all and create an ID for each one before I could change the password for the hci user.

      There is also a command in AIX called


      that will show which users are logging in from which machines that can be of help to see if any unexplained IPs are logging in as hci.

      I suspect if you make sure all your batch FTP jobs are not using the hci user ID you are likely in good shape to change the hci password.

      You may also be using applications like Ultra-Edit FTP edit as the hci user that will need to be changed.

      You might also be using X-windows in a way that will require the passwords be reset on the client PC emulators.

      Russ Ross

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      Richard Hart

      We login to the Clovereaf servers with our own username and us the ‘sudo’ command to login to the Cloverleaf ‘hci’ and ‘hcimgr’ accounts.

      There is then no need for a password and the normal username security can be used.

      We use ‘hci’ for Cloverleaf and created hcimgr as the ‘master’ account for test and prod.

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      Barb Dozier

      How would this affect Global Monitor?  How does GM connect to the servers to allow the stopping/starting of processes/threads?  You want the stopping/strating to be done as hci, right so if you change the hci password on the server would you GM configuration then be messed up and no longer able to connect successfully?

      Thanks, Barb

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