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    Sergey Sevastyanov

    Hi All

    I am trying to set up Cloverleaf environment before running a tcl cgi script under IIS on Win2003 (we are at CL 5.7)

    I set up a batch (let’s say set.bat) as application to process pages with extension .tsh (….set.bat “%s”)

    Here is my batch:


    @echo off



    cd Quovadxqdx5.7integrator

    @echo %1 > F:wwwlogsenv_before.txt

    set >> F:wwwlogsenv_before.txt

    call f:quovadxqdx5.7integratorsbinsetroot f:quovadxqdx5.7integrator paragon_test

    set > F:wwwlogsenv_after.txt

    cd quovadxqdx5.7integratorbin

    hcitcl %1

    I check the log files env_before.txt and env_after.txt and the environment hasn’t changed.

    If I run the same batch from command line the environment does get changed fine.

    I can run a regular tclsh84.exe for processing tcl cgi scripts. That works fine but I can’t use Cloverleaf commands and stuff like msi, etc.

    Any help will be appreciated.


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      David Barr

      I’m not sure that this would work, but what would happen if you get rid of the word “call” from your script?

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      Garrett Fletcher

      So is you goal just to run the Cloverleaf TCL extensions on a server other than your main Cloverleaf server?


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      Sergey Sevastyanov


      Removing CALL doesn’t help. In fact it makes it worse.

      Eventually I managed to make it working but I am still not happy with the way it works. What I do is the following:

      1. My cgi program (tcl script) is processed under tclsh84.exe. In that script I set path to perl.exe and then run to set environment (using eval [exec …]).

      2. Then it runs other tcl script (the one that uses Cloverleaf commands) by execution hcitcl.exe.

      So, instead of running a script that does what I want I have to run two scripts. It works for now, but I am not happy with this arrangement.

      Thank you and Happy New Year!

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      Sergey Sevastyanov


      I am playing with idea to create a web based page that allows to see the status of all our sites and control them. I am new to web development and we are MS shop, so I have to deal with IIS.

      Max Drown shared his great code that generates svg file out of netconfig and that inspired me. I changed his code to generate a view that looks closer to what cloverleaf monitor looks like.

      Now I want to add some cloverleaf commands that can be run from that view.

      I am well aware that I am inventing a bicycle and that Health Vision actually has a product that does what I am trying to achieve. But we are not going to buy it and I want as well to use that for practicing my web development skills.

      Thanks and Happy New Year!

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      Garrett Fletcher

      You could telnet into your Cloverleaf server, Issue the Setroot and Setsite commands, then you can run commands against the engine, and you should be able to run TCL scritps with access to the Procs on your Cloverleaf server.


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      Sergey Sevastyanov

      I know I can do that. And I do exactly that when I need to run commands manually from remote PC.

      But in the case I was seeking for help I was trying to run tcl scripts under MS Internet Server and that doesn’t work the way I would like it to.

      As I replied earlier to David I found a workaround and it works for now but I am not quite happy with the way it works.


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      Charlie Bursell

      IIS will only look at the System environment and Cloverleaf needs certain environment variables set for Tcl to function properly.  Try this:

      Set the following in system environment

      HCIROOT = %CL_INSTALL_DIR%integrator

      HCISITE  = siteProto

      HCISITEDIR = %HCIROOT%siteProto

      TCLX_LIBRARY = %HCIROOT%tcllibtclX8.4

      TCL_LIBRARY = %HCIROOT%tcllibtcl8.4

      TIX_LIBRARY = %HCIROOT%tcllibtix4.1

      TKX_LIBRARY = %HCIROOT%tcllibtkX8.4″

      BLT_LIBRARY = %HCIROOT%tcllibblt2.4

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      I don’t know a lot about web services, but I’m wondering if that sort of thing would be helpful in this situation?

      -- Max Drown (Infor)

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