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    Mike Tsymbalyuk

    Hi everyone,

    I’m new here on the Clover Leaf forum so if I’m posting this incorrectly please let me know. I appreciate any input and help with this issue I have.

    For some reason I keep seeing a segment I don’t want in my outgoing message. I have some XLT translation built but I’m not using that segment. My 2 variants differ by version where I’m sending HL7 2.5.1 to HL7 2.3.  I’ve tried everything I can think of and figured I’d ask around. I  verified/confirmed that segment is not within the XLT. I even tried using =@null within the translation as well.

    This is just part of the message from the testing tool but I’d want to remove the RGS segment completely.  I don’t think I need to remove the RGS segment from the variant, which is the only thing I haven’t done yet but why would I need to? Is that the only way, I don’t think it should be. Could someone help shed some light on this? Thank you for your help.

    2(0).0(0).PR1(0)  :  >|1|||||||||Arrived<
    2(0).0(0).RGS(0)  :  ><
    2(0).4(0).0(0).AIP(0)  :  >|1||209974^JH CATH1^ENTPROV|2^RESOURCE||||20200414110000|0|S|1800|S<

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      Jim Kosloskey

      In 2.3 the RGS segment of Scheduling is the required segment of the RGS Group.

      Normally a Group has at least one required segment and it is frequently the first.

      The variant has that defined as required and so the Xlate will output that segment. Make sure the receiving system does not want that segment (there can be some useful information placed there).

      If the receiving system verifies they do not want that segment you can alter your OB variant to have that segment defined as optional. Then do a Reconfigure in the Xlate to pick up the changed definition, That should do it.

      But a better approach might to find out what the receiving system would prefer to have in that segment if populated and follow that (might mean using some literals if the source system does not have RGS information. However the RGS segment is also required in 2.5.1 so you should have the proper information.


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      Charlie Bursell

      A lot of comment to a simple question.  Just make the RGS segment optional

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      Mike Tsymbalyuk

      It’s always the littlest things you miss!

      Thank you both for your help, much appreciated.


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