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    Gary Atkinson

    We are having a little debate over “await replies” in outbound threads here at the office.   If you choose a time of lets say 30 seconds and are not using recover_33 procs, what happens after the 30 seconds are up and a reply is still not received?  Also, with not using recover_33 procs and outbound thread sends a message to a sending system, does the engine have any control over that message that was just sent and is awaiting a reply?

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      John Hamilton

      If you are not using the recovery procs.

      If you have await replies turned on if it times out it will go to the next message in the queue to be sent.  

      The message it first sent is gone from your system.  So you will have no control over it.

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      Jim Kosloskey


      The first part of your post:

      If you do not have any acknowledgment handling in place (recover_33 procs or some others) and timeout occurs, the engine will send the next message in line.

      The second part:

      Well the message sits in the Recover DB until the time expires and then it is removed and the next message is sent. IF you take control via Tcl and do something with the message you have some control over what happens to it – hence the recover_33 or equivalent procs.

      You did not ask, but if you have await replies on, and no acknowledgment handling procs involved, and you do not do anything to handle the reply via routing for example, you will get a Trx ID error on the reply.

      Well the above is my recollection.

      Since we always use acknowledgement handling, I might be a little rusty as to what happens when you do not. I cannot think of any good reason not to handle acknowledgments properly.

      Jim Kosloskey


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      Gary Atkinson

      Thank you both for the quick responses.  It would be nice if in the next versions of cloverleaf that recover is built into the engine.

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      Jim Kosloskey


      I am not sure but I think that will be in a future release (at least a standard acknowledgment handling for basic stuff like HL/7 – special cases will probably still need Tcl).

      Maybe someone from Quovadx recalls – Rob Abbott??

      Jim Kosloskey


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      Steve Carter

      Yes.  Basic reply handling will be included in Cloverleaf 5.6.


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