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    Jim Doane

    I’m testing the Automatic Resend feature in release 5.6 REV 2 and I have run itno something I hope someone else has experienced. I’ve configured Automatic Resend on a thread that I have set up to never send a reply. On this thread, when the timeout is reached, the messages aren’t saved in the recovery DB for resending. I’m also using the 5.6 check_ack script.

    This is the log entry after the timeout occurs:

    [pd  :pdtd:INFO/1:    to_medent:07/13/2009 09:35:20] Timed out while awaiting replies on thread. While no reserved OB Message to send

    [pti :even:DBUG/0:    to_medent:07/13/2009 09:35:20] Unregistering TIMER () event 0x20d4b178 for tid 2

    [pti :even:DBUG/0:    to_medent:07/13/2009 09:35:20] evUnregister TIMER event 0x20D4B178 for tid 2

    [pd  :pdtd:INFO/0:    to_medent:07/13/2009 09:35:20] Shutting down await reply mode

    [dbi :rlog:DBUG/3:    to_medent:07/13/2009 09:35:20] [0.0.1446] Looking for mid in recovery db

    [dbi :dbi :DBUG/1:    to_medent:07/13/2009 09:35:20] (0) ‘cl_keyfindlock: About to do d_keylock’

    [dbi :dbi :DBUG/1:    to_medent:07/13/2009 09:35:20] (1000) ‘cl_keyfindlock: About to do d_keyfind, keyval:’

    [pd  :pdtd:INFO/3:    to_medent:07/13/2009 09:35:20] [0.0.1446] Unable to delete reserved OB message from recovery database!

    msg: 0x30011828

    Any advice would be appreciated.



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      Bob Richardson


      We are on AIX5.3 TL8 SP3 running CIS5.6 Rev2 and experienced the problem of autoreply/resend not working when we specified the native

      TCP/IP protocol.   We resolved this problem by using the PDL style of TCP/IP in our threads – we do not use any canned “recovery” procs (abandoned that when the recovery_33 procs were no longer usable when we moved from CIS5.3 Rev3).    Case #36756 was created by Healtvision support to document this problem.  If you must use the TCP/IP Native (non PDL) then you will have to use the old style Recovery-33 procedures per Healthvision support to handle reply/resend functionality.

      I hope that this information is useful for you.

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      Jim Doane

      Thanks, that looks like the issue.

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