Are there any organizations connecting to BMC Patrol

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    Bob Hutchins

    Are there any organizations connecting Cloverleaf to the BMC Patrol Monitoring system.

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      John Hamilton

      To monitor Cloverleaf no I have always used the cloverleaf alerts.

      But to monitor the Hardware and other system functions I used BMC in my previous job.

      I expect with the alerts script you could send BMC stuff to display. But I have never attempted that.

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      Jonathan Christian

      Having recently implemented alert messaging between Cloverleaf and BMC Patrol, I thought I’d pass along the details on how we accomplished it for anyone interested in doing the same.

      1. Installed MSEND on the alerting box under $HCIROOT/temp/bmc (highlighted in orange in step 2).

      2. Added a new alert (in our case, thread status) using the exec alert action, utilizing the following command:

      <span style="color: orange]$HCIROOT/temp/bmc[/color]/msend -n @″>#mc -a <span style="color: green]PIM_EVENT -m “Cloverleaf Alert –

      The IP address and port information for the Patrol box the alerts are sent to are highlighted above in red, and message text itself are contained within quotations highlighted in blue.

      3. PIM_EVENT was then setup within BMC Patrol as a new alert class specific to Cloverleaf triggered alert messages.

      4. Tested and verified the alert as normal with the assistance of one of our Sys Admins.

      Additionally, this was accomplished with Cloverleaf 5.4.1 on the AIX 5.3 platform. Also, you should be able to pick up msend through the BMC website.

      This is kind of the streamlined version of what we did, so if anyone needs additional details about it, please feel free to ask.

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