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    glen goldsmith

    … I realize the caveat — that if the thread in question is restarted…. or stats are zeroed out, the alert will fire… that’s okay.

    I’ve written alerts that will fire if there haven’t been any messages received by a thread in X minutes…  thanks to those int he forum to clarify how that is done….

    IE:  I’m doing this:

    alert type: last receive

    delta: not checked

    source: conn_1 (yes….. this is my testing site.. hah)

    source count: all

    comparing: > 300

    duration: N min 5

    So the above will fire in 10 minutes if there hasn’t been anything received.  

    But what about…… yes — we had a problem on a thread…. network went down, yadda yadda…. so the thread/process was restarted.

    So if we haven’t received a message at all.. IE:  hcimsiutil -dd conn_1 shows “Never” …..  the above won’t fire.

    How do I write an alert to make it fire if the thread hasn’t ever received a message in say….. 10 minutes after being started?

    Many thanks!

    Glen Goldsmith

    CHRISTUS Health

    Commerce, TX

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      Michael Hertel

      Try any instead of all.

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      Russ Ross

      We use last receive alerts and I haven’t noticed this problem with ours.

      We have source count set to “at least 1”

      Russ Ross

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      glen goldsmith

      Hmm…  the source count is irrevelant at this point since the alert is only monitoring _1_ connection.   Any, all, at least one….. all yield the same selection logic for just one thread….

      However…  as coded with any – the alert doesn’t fire after a thread restart… with no activity.  I’m not sure what value the monitor is seeing from “last receive” stat in the alert….   but I’m guessing it isn’t numeric…


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      Michael Hertel

      I checked one of my alerts, it looks like your first config was correct.

      Next, I’d check that the alert action was working properly.

      Check the hcimonitord.log in the exec subdirectory and see if something is blowing up there.

      Hope this helps.

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      glen goldsmith

      The alert I posted in the first message in this topic does indeed work…   when a thread receives at least one message.

      However, if the thread has _not_ received a message…… it will not fire for the amount of time posted….  because I supposed the numeric returned to the monitord for lastr is null…

      I tried string comparisons…….  no luck there.

      Again…. the alerts fire fine…… if the thread received some messages….. and then they stopped.  There’s a time stamp in the lastr field that the monitord can compare to…

      I’m just thinking it’s null or something ……

      I’m going to try the alerts on 5.6 rev2.  Our dev box is in the process of being upgraded from 5.3….



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      glen goldsmith

      I think what I’m going to be forced to do…..  is write a  TCL Proc that runs in startup mode — basically does waht Russ’ script does…..   sleeps for X seconds/minutes ….. and checks the msi Data and see’s if something has been received.

      Sounds all fine and dandy……  but it’s been a _very_ long time since I was @ Level 3 training (or Level 2 for the matter… back in the 3.5.x days.. hah!)  — I don’t remember if the startup TCL procs will “block” the thread.  IE, the thread won’t complete startup, accept incoming TCP/IP messages, yada yada if a startup tcl proc hasn’t completed.

      About to find out…….  

      If I get it working……. I will definitely post on here for you guys to copy/use.  



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      Jim Kosloskey


      I am pretty sure that if you put a sleep in the proc the entire process (not just the thread) will sleep. That might not be what you want especially of the thread is started frequently.


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      glen goldsmith

      Well……. I have a solution for that as well……

      Could easily just have the thread create an AT job to do the thread checking and report back if there was an error condition.

      It would be “nice” to do it all as an alert…..  so if anyone ahs any ideas…. on how to make that happen, that’d be great 🙂


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      Mark Thompson


      Check with Rey to see if you can still sign up for the Cloverleaf 5.7 beta test.  They’ve added lots of new alert functionality!  The “last message received time” persists through thread restarts, so it is actually useful for alerts.  You can combine alerts.  You can even have alerts repeat every so often up to a maximum number of times in case people need reminders.

      - Mark Thompson

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      Bala Pisupati

      I have a similar alert put in, I set the Duration as ‘once’ and every 30 minutes I have the thread idle the alert is triggered. Hope this works

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