AIX5.3 TL8 SP8

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    Russ Ross

    We are upgrading from

    AIX5.3 TL8 SP3


    AIX5.3 TL8 SP8

    and would like to hear from the community if they have noticed any issues running cloverleaf 5.6 rev2 on AIX5.3 TL8 SP8.

    Russ Ross

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      Bob Richardson

      Russ and company,

      We are running CIS5.6 R2 on AIX5.3 TL8 SP7 for over a year now and have experienced no issues with Cloverleaf.   We have mulitple sites churning around 80M messages a month.  Mostly HL7, some X12 with HTTPS and a lone ranger XML.

      I take it that you guys have a test box to try this out on first?

      Otherwise so far so good for our shop.

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      Russ Ross

      Yes we have a test box to try it out on but aren’t being given the time or manpower necessary to become comfortable with installing the AIX service patch in PROD.

      Our security department has mandated a sweep of all AIX boxes without allowing for any testing manpower or time.

      We did install AIX 5.3 TL8 SP8 recently on our test box with no noticeable issues thus far but it will soon be installed into PROD.

      In some ways that is a loose test but not enough for us to get as comfortable as we like.

      Since we are just upping the patch level probably not high risky but when I called HealthVision support I was told they only verify the base OS level (AIX 5.3 in this case) and not patch levels.

      That is when my coworker (Jim Kosloskey) advised we post on clovertech to try and increase our comfort level beyond just having it run in our TEST envorinment for a few weeks to see if anythaing falls out.

      It would be added comfort to here that others have been running AIX5.3 TL8 SP8 for a while in PROD without problems.

      Russ Ross

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      Bob Richardson


      Healthvision support told us that they cannot validate every possible patch for an OS only the “base” OS level on which they developed/QA’d/deployed the intergrator version.

      We rely on our OSG (operating system group) to tell us the pros and cons of each patch level then run Cloverleaf on that patch level for at 3 months ideally.

      So venturing into a higher patch level can be risky as we found out on AIX5.2 with CIS5.6 (no revisions) a couple of years ago (hostserver crashed routinely).  We had to upgrade the OS or die.

      My guess would be that the hostserver is the guy to watch out for in your case as the Integrator Java may be unstable on the new OS level.  A long enough time trial on a similarly configured test (or QA) box with the OS level of interest might be prudent (if under your control).

      Please post your results – and thanks for sharing.

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