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    Michael Lacriola

    Formatlities: AIX Cloverleaf 5.6 Rev 2

    I had advanced scheduling setup for an inbound thread to look for a file in a drirectory at 10am daily. The inbound protocol does use the directory parse tps and is working as designed for quite some time. Then, I decided that I wanted to run this inbound once a week at 10am every Saturday. I added the value 6 to day of week (0 is Sunday according to documentation) and I bounced the thread. The next day, which was a Tuesday, to my horror, it picked up the file that was in the directory and processed it. Obviously, not what I intended. Did I miss something? Is the directory parse tps causing the issue? Bug in advanced scheduler?

    It should be noted that there is a valid file in the directory (based on the tps directory parse) daily. I have a process that adds data to that file every night.

    Anyone?? Buehler?

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      James Cobane


      When you say you ‘added’ the value for Saturday (6), did you eliminate the * from the ‘Day of Week’ entry, so that only the 6 was there?  Also, did you bounce the process also, or just the thread.  I think bouncing the thread would have been enough, but when in doubt, bounce the process.

      Jim Cobane

      Henry Ford Health

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      Michael Lacriola

      Yes, I elimiated the asterisk and bounced the thread several times. The engine process will be bounced in a few days when we migrate to a new box, so, unless someone else has any ideas, I keep an eye on it after that.

      That was my last option. Just wondering if it was a known bug or something.

      Thanks for your reply.

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