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    Tim Malaney

    All our processes that use advanced scheduling will not start the threads if the process is bounced. The process will come up then run at 100% cpu. These are processes that were bounced on Dec. 31 then they have the problem on Jan 2. These are in multiple sites and different processes. Newly created threads and processes have same problem. Running 5.4.1P on HPUX. If we take off advanced scheduling everything runs OK. Anyone see problems with this lately?

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      David Barr

      Yes, we’ve seen similar problems.

      Last January, we were running version 5.4.  We found that if we scheduled threads to read only on certain days of the week, they would not run at all in January.  We were able to work around this problem by updating the schedule with the days of the month in January that they should run and leaving an asterisk in day of the week.  In February, we were able to switch back to the normal schedules.

      We are now running 5.4.1 rev1, and we had been told that this scheduling bug wasn’t going to be fixed until 5.6.  So, at the end of December we updated our threads to run only on specific days of the month.  We tried restarting on December 31 with this schedule, and found that the processes would go into a CPU consuming loop and not process any messages.  So, we switched to our normal schedules and everything ran OK.

      On January 1, we saw that the threads still seemed to be running OK with the normal schedule, so we left this schedule in place.  However, I think that we did some additional things to try to clear up our problems like reinitializing the site.

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      Tim Malaney

      Received an update from our vendor (third party) who had spoken to support. It is a bug fixed in 5.5. Since we had these set to run days 1-5, will try to put back on schedule next Monday to see what happens. Then the first day of the week, Sunday, day 0, will be in the current year.

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      Nate Kruse

      Same problem as people saw a year ago…The “January Issue.”

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      Jennifer Hardesty

      We are running on 5.4 and we have no Advanced Scheduling that uses the Day of the Week field — only hour, minute, and seconds (and rarely seconds).  We use the Advanced Secheduling to kick off batch billing functions and apparently these  have not run since 12/31.

      Is there some other work-around besides the day of the week change?

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      Robert Milfajt

      We are running 5.5 Rev1 on AIX, and we had the same problem with advanced scheduling not running today.  We bounced the threads things seems to be working.

      Reading this thread, I have a question.  Is this going to be a continual problem in the month of January ❓


      Robert Milfajt
      Northwestern Medicine
      Chicago, IL

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      garry r fisher

      Not sure whether its the same issue but we have a client running 5.5MB on Windows and all the processes had crashed between Christmas and now – Not sure why as there is no panic shown. All the threads use advance scheduling. Stopped the service and started the threads – looks to be OK now.



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