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    John Harvey

    Hi all,

    So I’ve never had to create an xlate procedure and add it to the route messages tab (I’ve only had to deal with raw data), so I’d like to see if I can get an idea of how best to proceed from here.  I have three…they are designed to convert ADT version 2.4 messages to ADT version 2.1.  One to change an A40 to an A18, one to handle an A17 (due to multiple PID/PV1 segs) and one to handle all of the rest.

    Any advice would be spectacular…thanks!


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      Jim Kosloskey


      On the Inbound thread at the Route Data tab if you have a route already set for the message/event type you need (like ADT_A40) you onlu need to highlight the TrxID (ADT_A40 for example)and then depress ‘Add new detail’.

      At this point, select Xlate and bring up the Xlate Route Detail Properties. Complete the Xlate Route Detail Properties.

      Do the same for each of the Message/Event Types in question.

      If you do not have routes set for the Message/Event Types you need, then select Messages and right mouse button click. Then click ‘New Transaction Id’. Enter the Message/Event Type (such as ADT_A40) and depress ‘Add new detail’. Then proceed appropriately.

      Jim Kosloskey


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      Vince Angulo


      I’m sure there are more elegant or efficient solutions, but we would do this as follows:

      Route ADT_A40 via Xlate1 to OB_THREAD

      Route ADT_A17 via Xlate2 to OB_THREAD

      Route ADT.* via Xlate3 to OB_THREAD

      For the third route we’d add some logic to Xlate3 to SUPPRESS the A17’s and A40s, which is not very efficient if there are lots of these processed, but it’s pretty easy to maintain here.  

      Finally, make sure to check the “Wild Card Route” in the Route Properties for the ADT.* is checked.

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      John Hamilton

      Don’t forget to set the Inbound trxid determination format to HL7.

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      John Harvey

      I have the ADT 2.4 inbound thread to recieve data.

      I have another inbound tread attached to convert the data

      I have a third thread set up to recieve the converted data (dump file)

      I don’t see the data converting and passing it on to the third thread?

      Where am I breaking down?  Both threads 2 and 3 are set up with a file protocol…

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