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    Scott Smith

    I am wanting to add an NTE segment for repeating OBX segments.  My problem is that the NTE segment does not exist on my source message.  I am struggling to grasp my options for this task, any suggestions?


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      Gary Atkinson

      Try making the NTE segment require on the outbound variant.  Then copy in the data you need in those fields.  I “believe” if the segment is required, then the xlate will add the segment even if it does not exist in the inbound.  Or you could create a tcl proc and put it in the post outbound tps.

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      Barb Dozier

      I have had to do this often for lab results.  As long as the NTE is defined in your outbound message variant (required or optonal), I convert the OBX to NTE within my Xlate as i’m looping through the OBX with an interate.  I know it is a comment by the OBX 4 value being greater than 1.  So with in an if statement checking that condition, I then copy the OBX information into my new NTE segment.  I believe I also then have to do a @null pathcopy into the OBX segment so it is not included in the outbound message.

      If the OBX 4 value can not be used to indicate a comment, I’ve had to use OBX 3 in my if condition – when OBX 3 equals the previous OBX 3 then it is a comment and I move the information into an NTE.



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      Robert Kersemakers

      Hi Scott,

      It doesn’t matter that the inbound message has no NTE segments (after an OBX). As long as the NTE segment is defined in your outbound variant, then you can fill your NTE segment with information.

      If the NTE segment isn’t mandatory in your variant (it mostly isn’t), then the NTE will only show up if an NTE-field is filled; else no NTE segment will show.

      If the NTE segment is mandatory, then an empry NTE segment will show, even if no field is filled.

      Zuyderland Medisch Centrum; Heerlen/Sittard; The Netherlands

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