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    Roy Osumi

    We installed 5.5 rev 1 about a month ago into test.  We seem to be having response issues.  We are trying to do routetesting from the testing tool with 5.3 and 5.5.  When routetesting in 5.3 takes 30 secs, 5.5 would take over 4 mins to run the same test file.  We also see slow response times in stopping and starting processes sometimes its extremely slow.  We have also noticed that launching hcismat from the command line it takes over 5 minutes to come up in a window.  Where 5.3 would be a couple of seconds.  There might be other examples but theses are the ones off the top of my head.

    Any clues or explanations why we are having these issue?

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      Ed Mastascusa

      Hi Roy,

      what operating system are you using?

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      Bob Richardson


      We are currently running Cloverleaf integrator 5.3 Rev3 on AIX5.2 and have installed CL 5.4.1 Rev2, CL 5.5 Rev1 on our test server.  We recently conducted parallel timing runs on all three versions and found significant performance degradation.  This has been reported to Quovadx R&D and they were able to duplicate the problem.  The official case number assigned is #32790.  Based on the release notes and our own “guess” we believe that the HL7 Bulkcopy is the culprit:  it has been modified to handle bulkcopy issues, XML and X12 – perhaps compromising overall performance during translation.  Again, this is our guess and it is not proven.  We have used BulkCopy heavily in our development.

      Our strategy is to (1) wait for a response from Quovadx R&D on these later versions – maybe a fix? (2) evaluate CL5.6 which is due for release sometime this year and re-do our timing tests.  IBM’s support for AIX5.2 ends next year and we are looking to beat the devil – so to speak.

      I hope that this has been helpful.


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      John Custer

      Can you check to see if you have an entry in your resolv.conf file …. here is an example …. this should resolve slow response time …. John

      # more /etc/resolv.conf


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      Robert Milfajt

      Roy, we have 5.5 Rev 1 loaded on an AIX 5.3 machine.  Can you give me an example of the hcismat command to try, and an approximate size of the file you were manipulating.  I can try it in this configuration to see if it is related to AIX 5.2.

      Same with the route test, I can try that if you give me an idea of how complicated the routes you were testing, so I can emulate it with our configuration.

      We have the appropriate entries in /etc/resolv.conf.

      Robert Milfajt
      Northwestern Medicine
      Chicago, IL

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      Roy Osumi

      Thanks for the responses.  First we are running AIX 5.2

      John – I have checked tha resolv.conf file.  nameserver was correct but we had an old domain name we didn’t change.  I changed it to see if this helps.  testing looks promising so far.

      Robert Milfajt – we can run just a one record data file and sent it to file or by hcishowbydest and 5.5 will take a lot longer than 5.3.

      Robert – that is interesting as we do use Bulk copy on a number of xlates.  I hope this is not the case with us as we were on a tight timeline to upgrade both CL and AIX.

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