5.5 FTP Ignores ASCII Data Type Flag – Any workarounds?

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    Matt Stemple

    During testing for our 5.4.1 to 5.5 upgrade it was determined that the ftp protocol is not processing the configuration “Image/Binary or ASCII” option.  The receiving system always gets binary ftp data regardless of the option selection.  The receiving is not able to process the data as it requires an ASCII ftp data.

    We have a call in with Q R&D, however I am looking for a work around or information about this issue others may have had.



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      B Pariyesana


      I also experience similar issue during 5.41 to 5.5 testing. Cloverleaf FTP protocol can’t send file as ASCII to our IBM Mainframe, which make the file unreadable in Mainframe. It also pick up the file as binnary, so the Cloverleaf receives an EBCDIC file.

      As a workaround, we will use an in house FTP Upoc that employs curl outside the engine. First we had a problem when we we tried to use this after we upgraded the box, and we found out that the upgrade automatically forced our curl to use 7.15 libcurl, and since our curl version is 7.14, we set curl to use static library 7.14 libcurl.

      We are hoping that Quovadx will fix this issue so we don’t have to use special UpoC interface for this. May I know the incident number that you have opened with them so I can just refer to that number when I call them?


      Budhi Pariyesana

      MedStar Health

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      Charlie Bursell

      This will be fixed in 5.6.  In the mean while if you need it I can send you a proc taht I wrote that uses the FTP package from tcllib.  The proc allows all sorts of options like ACSII/Binary, ACTIVE/PASIVE, etc. that can be configured ether within the proc itself or via an INI file. It does both put and get.

      Send me an e-mail and I’ll grt it to you

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