5.5 Bug or my ignorance about TCL variables in Xlate

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    Sam Craig

    Ok, will try to make this short.

    Recently found that TCL variables used in a translation are still intact after the translation is finished.  

    I always thought the TCL variables used in Pre Procs were “reset” or wiped out after each message translation completed.

    Here is the example:

    Manipulating date/time stamp.  If hour and minutes equal 0000, then change to 000100.  Make it 1 minute past midnight and zero seconds.

    Take 20091031000017 and make it 20091031000100.

    But, we had a date/time field that came out looking like this after a few days: 20091026000100200910260001002009102600010020091026000100200910310001002009103100010020091103000100

    Here is Pre Proc TCL code in a COPY statement in Xlate.

    set datein7 [lindex $xlateInVals 0]

    set datein7 [csubstr $datein7 0 8]

    append datein8 $datein7 “000100”

    set xlateOutVals $datein8

    When run thru XLT testing tool, all works OK.  

    But, as you can see, after a few days in prod it kept the date/ time stamp from the 26th, 31st, and the 3rd in the datein8 variable and kept appending the next date/time stamp.

    Had to add this set command as 1st line in code to stop the undesirable results:

    set datein8 “”

    So, is this normal (my ignorance) or a bug in Cloverleaf 5.5 version?


    Sam 😳

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      Troy Morton

      Technically, you are right the value should not persist, I think.

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      Sam Craig

      Troy, thanks for the info on the cconcat command.

      I will have to “play” with it and give it a shot.

      Always good to have more “tools” in the toolbox.


      Sam 🙂

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