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    Mike Wilson

    I moved my Cloverleaf server last week from a windows 2000 server to 2003.  I am getting so many errors and problems daily that I dont think I can list them all.  I have had to blow the entire database away as well as do the cleanup multiple times.  I keep having problems with 2 Processes mainly.  They will keep crashing on me without warning.  They just stop working and If I try and reset them I get “No such File or directory error but it never tells me what file or directory.  I get numerous WSAECONNRESET messages, dbvista errors, etc..  Has anybody made this migration before that may have some insight?  Thanks in advance.

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      Mike Wilson

      More info:  I have 30 Processes on one site with 65 threads.  It worked just fine on the windows 2k server that was 6 years old.  Now im being told that the problems are due to the command thread being overtaxed from too many processes.  The new server has triple the memory and processing power as the old one.  I dont get it.

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      Charlie Bursell

      If you are running Cloverleaf 5.3 what Service Pack do you have with W2003?

      Cloverleaf was not modified to work with SP2 of W2003 until Rev 1 of 5.4

      It has to do with the fact that Microsoft changed the way files are access with SP2

      Have you contacted Support?

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      Mike Wilson

      I have SP1 on the server i learned the SP2 lesson when I did support.  Yes I have contacted support.  they told me that I had too many processes and threads on one site.  however, Im not sure I totally buy it because the old server rarely had issues.  Thanks.

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