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vikas bisht asked 3 years ago

Can you please provide to me an Example of PROTOCOL:java/ws-server with Https (means publishing https server) .



vikas bisht replied 3 years ago

Any update on this ?

Tipu Razaq replied 3 years ago

Have you taken a look at the sample threads included in Cloverleaf?

vikas bisht replied 3 years ago

but in CIS 6.1 we are unable to find keystore_clserver.jks,truststore_clserver.jks inside
$ROOTPATH/server\certs . How to generate this kind of certs.

David Barr replied 3 years ago

You have to create those yourself. You can use “keytool” from the command line, but it’s a lot easier to download Portecle. You can either generate your own cerficates or buy them from a CA like GoDaddy. If you are issued certs by a CA, then you can use Portecle to convert them into jks format.

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