how to resend message if AR ack message received

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teddy greschel asked 3 years ago

using cloverleaf 6.1.3 how would i set up a outbound feed to resend the message if the ACK is sent back with a AR code.

currently my inbound replies tab is set to hcitpsmsgkill is there a differant tps i can use to resend if bad ack recived?


2 Answers
James Nelson answered 3 years ago

If you have the recover_56 procs installed, you can use the check_ack proc and it will retry the resend up to 3 times if you receive an AR code.

teddy greschel replied 3 years ago

thanks i will give that a try

Charlie Bursell answered 3 years ago

You don’t need recover_56 proces for newer versions. Cloverleaf comes with recover.tcl in $HCIROOT/tclprocs. This file includes cl_check_ack which will what you want. Just look in the dropdown for Tcl procs in your thread configuration and you will see it.

As siad above, by default, it will attempt to resend AR up th three times then send to Error DB. AE goes immediately to Error DB.

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