Jared Parish asked 3 years ago

Hey Folks,

I’m on CIS 6.1 on Redhat. I need to resend some messags with the command line version of hcismat but running in to the error: ::SMAT::argArray(TARGET). I’ve seen this discussed and fixed with other threads on the old clovertech. However, those attachements where never made it to the new clovertech. Would someone mind sharing the new hcismat with me?

Thank you,

Jared Parish

Integration Engineer

3 Answers
Charlie Bursell answered 3 years ago

I thought I had uploaded my latest revision but here it is again. Please read the comments at the top of the file. Run the script lile \"hcismat62 -h\’ for help screen. If needed for Windows just add the suffix .htc. I would recommend it be placed in the contrib directory.

It overcomes the change in the getopt procedure as of the Tcl version of Cloverleaf 6.2, thus the name hcismat62.

I have added additional goodies like being able to append to a file, regular expressions, etc.

Let me know if you find undocumented enhancements (Bugs).

It would not let me upload the file so I added .txt. Remove that

Charlie Bursell answered 3 years ago

I still do not see the file. Here is another try

Jared Parish replied 3 years ago

Hmm.. Clicking either link produces an error.

Charlie Bursell answered 3 years ago

I will try one more time again with the .txt extension which should be removed.

If it does not work, send me an email and I will send to you. cbursell@fastem.com

Charlie Bursell replied 3 years ago

Anyone have any ideas why my uploads not working?

Robert Milfajt replied 3 years ago

Another question might be, when will we get FORUMS back? That seemed to work just fine.

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