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timm taylor asked 4 years ago

Hello All,Are the tabs across the Clovertech page (Home, Questions, Knowlege Base, Forum Archives etc.) functional or are they planned for future implementation? I ask because although there ARE options under Resources and Support, they don\’t take me anywhere when I click them. We are potentially moving in the FHIR direction and I wasn\’t sure if these were enabled on a client-by-client basis or placeholders for future development. I know this site is in transition wasn\’t sure if everybody else was having this same issue. Thank you!

2 Answers
Rob Abbott answered 4 years ago

Hi, these are placeholders for future content. There has been a lot of confusion about these broken links. We’re working on a solution.

timm taylor replied 4 years ago

Great! Thank you!

Charlie Bursell answered 3 years ago

Solution found! Moving back to old forum within the next couple of weeks. Received anoucement today.

Robert Kersemakers replied 3 years ago

Uhm… Ok.

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