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Rozzette Maduro asked 3 years ago

Hi. Can someone point me to a document or link that shows the Cloverleaf Versions and their support ending dates?

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Vince Angulo answered 3 years ago

Hi Rozzette,

Cloverleaf has never really had a calendar-style of version support. And it depends what you mean by support as well.

They announce new versions and patches when they’re ready for general release, and then stop releasing patches for older versions, usually, two versions previous ago (I think it’s two).

If an organization is using a version for which they’re no longer releasing patches, Infor will definitely provide assistance as long as the issue is within the capability of the release & patch the customer has installed. If it’s not, support will recommend the organization upgrades to the latest release.

I think if you open an incident on Infor Extreme, they might give a more formal explanation if you need a document to provide management or governance committee.

Hope this helps.

Rob Abbott answered 3 years ago

Vince is spot on, including reaching out to Support via Xtreme if you need something official.

And the policy is we support the current major release and one back. So the currently supported releases are 19.1.x and 6.2.x.

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