aint too proud….XML step by step configuration instructions

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Bob Schmid asked 3 years ago

Looking to put together step by step instructions for retrieving/loading/compiling xml "required" definitions, and configuration in an xlate is to be done.

The documentation is somewhat "non instructional" shows the tools…not how to use them

Been thru 3 technical classes – certified….yet have never had the intructions laid out.

Thank you folks.


Bob Schmid replied 3 years ago

Thank you guys! Great forum!

4 Answers
Matthew Brophy answered 3 years ago
  1. Get the schema from vendor (good luck) or create the schema yourself
  2. place xml template in site xml folder
  3. In Cloverleaf XML Package Manager, select your .xml file and COMPILE

    Define the root element of the the xml schema and select OK

  4. The new XML will be created – select the new .xsd file and validate with "TESTING TOOL" against your sample .xml file
  5. Does the XML log errors or does it read each data element?
Robert Kersemakers answered 3 years ago

2 – Place xsd or dtd in site xml folder: $HCISITEDIR/formats/xml
3 – In Cloverleaf XML Package Manager select your xsd/dtd and compile.
4 – Test your own xml against the xml-format that was just created with the XML testing tool.
Some other hints:

  • If the testing tool says that a certain field is not valid according to the format, check the content of the previous field, as that is the field that has an issue.
  • Cloverleaf doesn’t like it if occurrences are anything other than ‘unbounded’. If you get weird results or testing tool takes forever, check whether you csd/dtd has occurrences other than unbounded. Changing them to unbounded helped me. Not sure if this is still an issue with newer CL versions.
  • Sometimes Cloverleaf can’t reach certain URL for namespaces. I used a tcl to remove the URL from the xml; it is not needed for the xml to work.
Donna Bailey answered 2 years ago

This is probably somewhere on clovertech…I just can not find it…if ALL I can get from the vendor is an example of the XML message they are looking to received…how do I build the xml schema/xsd files?

Thank you so much for your help!


Jim Kosloskey replied 2 years ago

Do Web search for ‘free xml to xsd converter’. You should get a number of hits. One comes to mind (

Or you could purchase one of the commercial tools like XML Spy or Oxygen (I have used Oxygen in the past).

Just understand the xsd is not likely to be complete but just a starting point.

I would press the vendor for either a dtd or a schema (preferably a schema). There is no good excuse for them not to be able to provide one.

Donna Bailey answered 2 years ago

I downloaded the FREE version of XML spy and spent last week trying to figure out why it doesn’t like the namespace area….I’ve asked the vendor for the schema after they gave me the specs and all they did was give me the message example……getting frustrated…this should NOT be this hard….

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