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Ryan Curtin asked 3 years ago

I am looking for a good way to add double quotes to all fields and variables to a specific JSON formatted string… Is there way to easily do this in the xlate or as part of the json format. if not can someone help provide a tcl example script?

I have


and I want


Ryan Curtin replied 3 years ago

%5B%5D are open and closed brackets [] and &#8221 ” is a double quote im not sure why this website change it to the encoded characters.

Josh Myers replied 3 years ago

We've had to do similar things with json. You can use "string map" or "regsub" commands.

string map example:

set icd9 [list {"icd9_list": ""} {"icd9_list": [{""}]}]
set icd10 [list {"icd10_list": ""} {"icd10_list": [{""}]}]
set msg [string map $icd9 $msg]
set msg [string map $icd10 $msg]


regsub {\[\r\n} $msgText {} msgText
regsub -all {,\r\n} $msgText "\n" msgText
regsub {\r\n\]} $msgText {} msgText

For your use case, regsub -all may be the better option but it is going to be tricky to account for all the scenarios:
, -> ,"
{ -> {"
: -> ":"

Levy Lazarre replied 3 years ago

I would like to revisit this interesting topic. Ryan, have you found a satisfactory way to complete the task?

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